The event Launch Month
Official launch promotional price!
After a summer of testing and getting to meet some brilliant people, Hunt Force is ready and bug free!
To celebrate the official launch of the app and the end of this test phase, we're offering a reduced rate for the game.
Come join in the Hunt Force action, running to locations, evading hunters, and meeting new people!
When Saturday, 13th November 2021 at 12:50
Wandsworth Common, London

Once you make a booking, we will contact you with the exact meeting location a few days before the event.

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Price £6.99 per person

Things crop up, we get it!

Please let us know if you cannot make it BEFORE the day of the event!

You will receive a full refund provided you let us know 12 hours before the event.

We ban players who simply don't show up.


Sometimes events have to be called off due to rain although this happens rarely.

We will notify you the day before the event should we be forced to cancel, and you will receive a full refund.

There are a few simple things to remember on or before the event...

  • Charge your phone!

    Please ensure it will last at least a couple of hours of use.

  • Travel light

    Try to bring as little as possible with you as there will be limited space to store items.

  • Dress code

    Dress however you like, but be prepared to do some running as well as jogging and walking.

  • Post game

    We usually stick around after the game for a drink or two :)