Started as a game for friends back in , it went by the code name FFTT.

It was a primitive prototype that ran in the browser on your phone, and even that wasn't guaranteed!

But the game itself was a success!

So in , Chris polished the game, made all the fixes, tested it numerous times and finally launched a free game to the general public in November!

The launch was small, 6 people who didn't know each other, but there was a genuine buzz as the 6 of us met, played, and had drinks afterwards.

rolled round and it was time for the official launch of Hunt Force!

Then covid hit.

Fast forward almost two years to , and it was the great summer of gaming and testing.

We ran multiple events for all sorts of people, from June through to December.

At the drinks afterwards everyone had a war story about being chased;

Or getting caught while trying to jump on a bus.

Or one guy trying to hide under a car!

And now it's and we're looking to bring this adventure / strategy game to more players who want to be outside but doing something different.

We're all about socialising, exercising, and generally having a laugh, while capturing the fun of being pursued and also pursuing.