An exciting team game where you compete to reach locations while being tracked and hunted

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A real world strategy game that turns streets and parks into an adventure...

Get a group of 6 or more people together and evade capture.

Your group will be split into two teams; the taggers and the hunters.

Taggers will see pins dropped across a map on their phones, and have to move covertly to each pin to score points.

Hunters will see all the taggers on their phones and have to track and capture them.

How long will you be able to escape detection?

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Prices and booking

In more detail

Hunt Force is an outdoor, multi-player, strategy game that combines the real world with an app that runs on your phone.

The team camaraderie and adrenaline of each round creates a great natural social atmosphere, even before the drinks at the end!

The game is designed for a minimum of 6 players and up to about 20, and lasts around 3 hours.

This is a non-contact game.

The day of the event

Players are put into two teams; taggers and hunters.

After a briefing, both teams will be able to study a map of the area on their phone, and have time to come up with a strategy before the hunt truly begins!

The Hunt

Taggers can see their team mates and all the locations on the map they need to tag.

They must work together to tag as many as possible.
They also receive warnings when hunters are nearby.

The hunters can watch and track all the taggers on their phone and must work together to trap and catch them all.


Once all the taggers have been caught, that round ends.

Everyone takes a well earned break before swapping sides for round two, where the hunters become the hunted!

At the end of the second round, the team that's tagged the most locations, wins the game.

Every member of the winning team then receives their Hunt Force medal!

There's only one way to really experience Hunt Force

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How much does it cost?

Group bookings range from £11 - £17 per person for a 3 - 4 hour game

Our prices and packages are available here

Where does Hunt Force take place?

For the standard package, the event takes place near Wandsworth Common / Clapham Common, London.

Our bespoke package is available in London and the surrounding counties:
Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex

What do we get on the day?

Approximately a 3 - 4 hour game
Full game briefing
Medals for the winning team
Friendly social atmosphere
Facilities for food and drinks

How long do rounds last?

Typically a round lasts around 30 - 45 minutes.
Rounds only finish once all the taggers have been caught.

And how long does a whole game last?

Each game consists of two rounds with a break inbetween. So a typical game lasts around 3 hours.

What do I need to wear?

This is an outdoor and active game so anything you're comfortable jogging or running in.

Do I need to be a great runner?

Not at all!

Players can go at their own pace although there will be a combination of walking, jogging, and running at times.

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